Breaking Tradition

Forbidden love hovers over the City
ready to be plucked like on overripe tomato
yearning to be free of the vine it clings to—
tradition whispers in my ear
of hearts broken if I set mine free
to choose whomever I must
drinking sweet juices of satiety.

Forbidden love hovers over the City,
a pink cloud of cherry-kissed sunshine
warming faces who dare glance up
setting themselves free of doom, gloom
dictated lives
lived in dismal corners
where fear of breaking hearts
renders one helpless in the presence of one’s own—
afraid to let go
lest shadows of past
haunt my sleep
casting daggers and knives
over moments of should be ecstasy,
pierced and deflated into paralyzing fear
that if I let go
my entire world will unravel
thrusting me into bitter howling winds
without protection,
holding a piece of yarn
once the fabric of my life.

Yet if I hold a life so easily undone—
it is worth nothing
and must be
mortared with my values
trembling no longer at sacred whispering winds that lost their souls long ago
deciding what holds me captive
following my freedom to


Rethabile said…
From the word "go" you set the tone beautifully with: "Forbidden love hovers over the City." Nice.
Thanks :)
Ricercar said…
do you know how good this is? i think this will become one of my favourites ever. i could identify with so much in it.
Thank you ricercar! Thank you so much! I knew this was good, but you just took me to a whole nother level with your compliment.
Anonymous said…
Sweet sweet melody
That sings the song of its own death
and answers the questions of its own wondering
Anonymous said…
Wow Squirrel girl, no wonder for religous view in Facebook you write that "Freedom is the key to happiness"
Anonymous said…
The tension is palpable.

I hope she chooses freedom.
yossila said…
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Herman Fried Rich said…
Sweet sweet melody
That sings the song of its own death
and answers the questions of its own wondering

6:35 PM
Kai C. said…
this is beautiful
Cholick's beast said…
Very gripping poem. I assume you're
trying free yourself from a strict
childhood background and allow yourself more freedom, especially
in your choice of friends and lovers, You're world won't unravel if you do, it will be enriched.
jason evans: Definitely Freedom!

Yossi: Very funny, though I actually didn't write in on the day I posted it.

Herman Fried Rich: Glad you got it, and funny enough you wrote your own little poem.

Kai C: Thanks!

Cholick's beast: You assume correctly. Thank you for your words of encouragement!
yossila said…
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This comment has been removed by the author.
Don Iannone said…
Very well done! I can imagine this poem read aloud. The caps would of course receive raised voice. Cheers!
Thami Mhlanga said…
Beautiful, glad I bumped on your blog on Cathy's blog
don iannone: thanks :) you're actually right, when I typed this poem, I did so specifically to read aloud.

Thami Mhlanga: Very glad you bumped into my blog... please bump again.

Pat Paulk said…
I love this!! Can really relate to it.
mad said…
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Don't give up the haiku! Love your art too.
Cocaine Jesus said…
wonderfully liquid feel to this. it flows like a river that foams and roars and rages and then cascades into the final structure.
captures the heart and mind too.
Pat Paulk: A relatable poem is the best compliment... Thank you.

Mad: Yes, I will have to try another Haiku sometime soon

Cocaine Jesus: Thank You! As usual, your words are beautiful.
mermaid said…
I feel like I am coming apart at the seems, and trying to stitch myself together again after reading this. I love the raw emotion and honesty. I can only hope that the 'you' that is sewn together again is free to decide what is best for her.
Great insight Mermaid! I hope so too...
JohnB said…
Very well done...I could actually sense the structure of self disaffiliate...a tumultuous tension giving way to some greater power of will; for in the end, all we can really do is follow our own path.
Raghav said…
very nicely written
the struggle of emotion is so beautifully strong
Sarah VII said…
Now that it's all over
start once more
and fish in waters
that are yours and other

Clearly you have heart
and know
the vagaries of
unlike those who know not
how to read or love

But merely laugh
and judge
John B. Yes, at the end of the day all we could do is follow our own path...

Raghav: Thank you

Sarah vii: love the little poem!

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